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Open letter to Monez292

Last week I had the chance to get on the internet and I found a great video from Montez292  He had finally finished trucking school and was now on the road with his trainer Mark Staite.  The video has since been removed but here is my response to the video showing my excitement.  


Turns out this duo only lasted about 3 days.  For those who don’t know much about the trucking industry, when you get your commercial drivers license the trucking company will team you up with an experienced driver for one to two months.  Sadly most companies run the students/trainers as a team.  Which means one drives while the other sleeps.  To reduce the risk of injury during rollover accidents sleeping in the top bunk is prohibited while the truck is in motion.  Which means both people share the same bed, just not at the same time.  


Upon parting ways with Mark Staite, Montez292 went home and began uploading negative videos both against Mark and the company as a whole.  Here is the two videos he has produced so far.


NASTY, NASTY, NASTY!!!!!!!!!!!


Just part


Ok so long story short, he is accusing Mark Staite of sleeping in the nude and having to sleep in the same mattress.  The solution to that could not be simpler.  BEDSHEETS!!!!.  Take his bedsheets off and put yours on.  You can purchase truck sheets at any truck stop.  They are designed to fit the unique size of a truck bed.  As far as you driving down the road with someone naked in the back, that is what the privacy curtain is for.  There is a curtain that hangs between the drivers seating area and the bed area.  




These curtains attach and close either with velcro, magnets, or snaps.  In the case where the truck is parked and both of you are in bed there are two bunks.  Each of you would have your own private area.  However even if he slept fully dressed, you would want to use your own sheets as his sheets no doubt smell like him.


Now on to the other accusation against Mark.  That there were urine bottles all throughout the bed.  Urine bottles is a nasty nasty thing to do, but I think most truckers would admit to having resorted to this at least once or twice.  However, I can’t imagine anyone actually sleeping with his own urine.  Sadly there was no video evidence to back up this accusation.  If the truck was as disgusting as you make it out to be, you really should have documented the proof to cover your own butt.


Mark Staite for whatever reason has chosen not to respond in video.  According to search results he has logged in at least twice in the past 7 days.  I have been keeping track.  He is not on twitter so I have no way of reaching him as I can not access any YouTube account at this time to contact him that way.  Perhaps one of my readers will send him a message and invite him to twitter.  I can think of only two logical reasons why he has not responded.  1.  His company has forbidden him to respond.  2.  He is not wanting to sink into a internet pissing contest.  He is a seasoned driver and an experienced trainer.  Not all trucking students are going to make it.


As far as Montez292 going after the company he spoke so highly of for the past year, I am a loss of words.  According to him, Stevens Transport refused to assign him to another trainer.  Trainers and students have personality clashes all the time.  Stevens must have a contingency plan for getting students off the truck when they can’t get along with their trainer.  

Now I was really cheering Montez292 on, I really was and I continue to think he is a good person.  However the last two videos he has put out going after his company will only result in hurting him.  Any trucking company he goes and applies for will no doubt look at his social networking sites such as YouTube.  

Having gone through trucking school back in 1999 I can tell you it is hell.  The school is the easy part.  The hard part is going out with your trainer.  My first one stranded me in Texas as he just drove off without me.  That was a personality conflict.  Going through with your trainer is pure hell.  However, the hell doesn’t last forever.  At the end you get your own truck and your own bed and a good paying job.  


Montez292 if you really want to be an OTR driver I would advise you to private those videos you put out bashing the company and Mark Staite, they will only result in hurting your future job prospects.  Furthermore, I would encourage everyone to realize we had only heard one side of the story and the other side may never be told.  So don’t be too quick to judge Mark Staite.  Frankly I hope it never is.  I hope that both of these men who I respect and admire deeply can go their separate ways and get back to making videos that put a good light on the trucking industry.  


Finally I do hope that both Montez292 and Mark Staite join twitter as right now that is the only way I can really interact with people, when my current job allows me time and access to the internet.