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Peaceful resolution to the MeganLeeHart situation.

First to those who were upset that this did not turn out into an all out flamewar as some of you were hoping let me remind you that this was never about starting a fight on the interenet.  My goal was to simply get MeganLeeHeart, LifeInATent, and WeatherManKevin to stop trying to contact TheReplyGirl.  They have given me their word and I will trust them.  I have to give peace a chance.

Here is how the truce talks took place.

She then sent another message

MeganLeeHeart then sent another message



At this time TheReplyGirl started contacting me.  Until she was able to get in contact with me she sent them this message.

So I wrote up, in my opinion a fair and decent script for both of us to read on video.  This here is the original script.

Sadly the original script was declined.

Well to me a video was the deal breaker.  Because this is the third discussion of a truce on this issue I insisted on a public video.  Now if you recall I never demanded that she post the video to her subscribers.  The reason is, a video on her channel could easily be deleted the very next day.  Mine stays forever.  I insisted on a video.

MeganLeeHeart sent a new message

So then I offered up this solution

MeganLeeHeart then sent this message

As to MeganLeeHeart’s claim that she has never gotten any hate from MLH fans I will let you form your own conclusions.  A simple glance at her channel page  will clear that myth up for you as you scroll through the comments.  Look at how many of them mention MeganLeeHeart.  Not to mention fun fan mail sent in by this young buck.

MeganLeeHeart then comes and writes a script of her own

I agree that this is fine

So I record my video and I send TheReplyGirl the link to share with MeganLeeHeart

Now the video took about 1 minute to record and one minute to upload, it was set to unlisted.  All I was waiting on is for her to record her video and send it to me.

So we sit and we wait.  About 2 hours later MeganLeeHeart messages us back.

Ok so now we sit and wait for Megan’s truce video to appear on the MeganLeeHeart channel.  However, instead of putting priority to ending this drama, she decides to first film, edit, and upload this.

Now I am not upset by this video.  After all, nothing is wrong with a good parody.  However it was my understanding that MeganLeeHeart wanted this flamewar to be over and instead of spending 30 seconds to record a video, she spends about an hour at least on the above video.

Irregardless, she finally did get around to filming the video with the agreed to script.

Now some have accused me of being a fool for agreeing to this truce.  This is after all the third time we have come to this agreement.  However, my goal was to never trash MeganLeeHeart although I do believe she has done some very underhanded things.  I will leave that to other “internet detectives” to sort out.  All I wanted was for these guys to leave TheReplyGirl alone.  As long as they do that I am happy.  However, I am not naive, Reagan said trust but verify.  I still have my dirt.  Hopefully I will never have to use it.  I have since instructed TheReplyGirl to block on facebook, youtube, and twitter, all of their accounts.  Hopefully finally that will be the end of it.

Hopefully this can serve as a lesson to others on the internet to always strive for a peaceful solution and an end to conflict.  Not all fights have to be won.  Sometimes it is better for everyone if we all stop fighting.


My conversation with MeganLeeHeart

MeganLeeHeart's First message to me from her gaming channel

This is the first half of her long message to me, I will embed the videos below

This is the second half of her message

So then I replied

Well this is my reply to MeganLeeHeart

So this is her pretty much telling me that she will not leave her alone

I respond

My reply was based on two twitter messages sent to me from her boyfriend

LifeInATent's tweet about reporting me to Machinima

LifeInATent tries to pretend that MeganLeeHeart is in a different network

LifeInATent deleted this tweet but someone grabbed it just in time

This was the final message she sent me before I blocked her.

Well as I have already documented she is not copying your videos.  Both of you simply did a video on a news story and MeganLeeHeart simply uploaded hers first.  MeganLeeHeart is not the only source of news on the internet.  There is of course Google News and when all else fails there is always television.  If MeganLeeHeart truly believes that people are going to her channel for the news of the day, well I got some ocean front property in Arizona I would like to sell her.

This is not just some petty fight that sprang up out of nowhere.  In fact this is not a fight.  A fight involves two parties.  A fight does not even require two consenting parties.  One can simply be the aggressor and the other can be defending themselves.  This is not a fight.  This is one lady who has been harassed on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook for several months now.  Despite her repeated requests to be left alone they have not done so.  Her only crime, she sometimes gets more views than MeganLeeHeart and therefore must be destroyed.

Now here is where it gets funny.  MeganLeeHeart apparently is afraid for her life because of  TheReplyGirl

Forward to 4:35 seconds into the video for that screen shot.

MeganLeeHeart there is a reason you have the reputation you do on YouTube.  You have the reputation you do because of your behavior both past and present.   You and your boyfriend attack anyone who dares to speak out and criticise you.  You first threaten them with physical violence and when that doesn’t work you threaten to report them to YouTube.  How is that working out for you two?



and of course the Ultimate Lolcow of them all


For someone who claims to have direct access with youtube and the ability to shut down anyone’s channel via a phone call, why is it that your past channels have not been restored?

What MeganLeeHeart Considers Harassment LOL

Below is part of a very long message from MeganLeeHeart.  I will make the full message available in another post but I just wanted to highlight the relevant text here.

[Note I have copied and pasted it exactly as it was typed,  the spelling errors are hers.]

My deal with the one you are defending was kept on facebook which is a private issue. She copied two video topics. She does video reviews okay fine but two times I did a vlog about topics that have no videos and she turns around and copies me. That is no acceptable and that is why I do not like her and never will. Nothing will change my mind and if I want to continue telling her to stop doing my personal topics I have a right to do so.

here are examples of latest in the links below

I never said there was a video, it was my MeganSpeaks show which I speak about things that are on my mind and all the sudden it is copied an hour later. I do not appreciate it at all and I will not sit here and watch her copy my topics especially if it wasn’t a viral review. That to me is harassment. If she doesn’t leave my topics alone, then it will get worse. I will continue to tell her to stop and there is not a thing you can do.

Now as anyone can clearly see, this is not copying a personal vlog.  This is simply two ladies doing videos on the news.  It just so happens that MeganLeeHeart got to the camera first.  If MeganLeeHeart did a vlog about what she did at the mall and what kind of shoes she bought, and TheReplyGirl copied that then I could see an issue.  However this is NOT a personal vlog.  It is two ladies reporting on the news.