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Is MeganSpeaks exploiting tragedy for money?

I would like to put forward the following pieces of information.

“Can someone tell me a summary of Kony 2012 video” From MyLifeInATent on twitter

At the time of this post it was 23 hours ago.  Then just 2 hours later a video is posted by http://www.youtube.com/followyourdamnleader  I am not going to embed the video but I will embed MeganSpeaks’ response to it.

Now in this video, particualy at 0:54 she says she found this video by searching on YouTube for Joseph Kony.  Well I searched for Joseph Kony and Kony 2012 videos and as you can see below it is very hard to find.  I searched page after page and still I found nothing.  So how exactly did she find this video?

So how did she “find” this video when at the time of this blog post the ONLY way to find it is to search out the exact video title.

In fact when she filmed her video the video in question had less than 1000 views and by the time of this screen cap from a user in Sweeden the video had already been approved as a video response.

Another question I would like to ask, is why this “troll” is linking back to her video thus giving her more views and thus more money?  The answer is obvious.  We all know who is behind that mask.  This is nothing more than their latest attempt to cash in, only this time they are cashing in on the exploitation of children.

At the time of this post you will notice that Megan and some other kid are the only two video responses.

At 1:23 of Megan’s video she says when she “found” the video it already had over 1000 dislikes so she knew it would get a ton of hate (Views=Money)

So she created her video not to show support for the Kony 2012 documentary but rather to cash in on this hater video that she “found” by searching for it on YouTube. Furthermore she even monetized the video. Way to cash in on the exploitation of innocent children there. I think we all know who is really behind that mask.

I actually did make a video of my own for the Kony 2012 video. It was a 30 second promo. If anyone wants to see it you can search for HappyCabbie Kony2012 on YouTube. I did however take my video down due to the totally unexpected backlash I got from my subscribers for supporting a documentary that seeks to end forced child slavery and violence. Oh well.

Another gripe is that she monetized the video.  So instead of using her subscriber base to promote a well done documentary, she decides to promote a troll video instead and then manages to get her video response approved so all the haters can find her channel and thus more views and money for her.

I thought about doing this in video form but I am currently working on a much larger project.  For those who wish to see the documentary it is embedded here.

I posted this on WordPress because this blog is NOT monetized.  While I did receive quite a negative backlash for promoting this documentary, I still think it is worth watching.  I do not wish to profit from it so I posted the blog here.


UPDATE 4:18 P.M. March 8th 2012

KmartinTV has just posted this video here.

As you can see from the time of this post the video has less than 300 views.  It is monetized and a new annotation has popped up on the troll video linking back to this video.


You will also notice the other video response from 2slick902 was removed.  The video is still up at the time of this post.  So now we have concrete proof that MeganSpeaks knowingly set out to promote a troll so she and KmartinTV could both profit from it.  It is clear in my opinion that MeganSpeaks and KmartinTV have no regard for anyone else other than themselves.  Although I will admit I did expect this troll to be LifeInATent and not his twin brother.