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Why I will no longer post to the internet, and open letter to my hacker

Yesterday I announced via twitter that I will no longer be posting online, I wanted to take this time to further explain myself.  However first I would like to address the person who hacked my HappyCabbie YouTube Account.


I don’t care.


I don’t, more than likely you hacked into my account to attempt to find out where I worked.  The timing of the hacking makes no sense otherwise.  You can go through my account all you like, you will not find anything connecting me to my job.


It is no secret that I found my new job shortly after the Google Summit in San Jose this past September.   I have also tweeted that my job involves some travel and that there have been frequent issues regarding me not getting paid and expenses not being reimbursed.  As much as my job frustrates me, I still need it.  I also draw some satisfaction from the work I do, although it is demoralizing that much of it is without compensation.  I can name off far too many people who have lost their jobs due to what they posted online.  However when I saw two people I respect and admire right in a row lose their jobs I knew it was time to hang it up.


Some of you may ask, why I don’t just post non-offensive content.  That isn’t me.  I have opinions and I enjoy sharing them.  Opinions are dangerous when you work in a setting that demands you to conform.  Opinions are like buttholes, everybody has at least one and at least someone else will be offended if they see it.  There is no just thing as a non-offensive opinion.  I currently do not have screw you money.  I need my job, even though many times I go without a paycheck.  If the time comes that I have screw you money perhaps I will return, but not until then.


What I need to focus on now is saving up my money and investing it when I can to ensure that I one day have screw you money.  So to the person who hacked my YouTube account, remember this.  I can undo any damage you do to my account, in the end I just don’t care any more.


To those who I became friends with, I thank you.  It pains me to have to walk away from all this but look on the bright side.  I lived full time as a YouTuber for 2 years.  Very few people can say that.  Ive been featured on national television.  Not many can say that.  I’ve been on the YouTube home page, in their spotlight.  Almost nobody gets that honor, yet I have had all these.  And most importantly I have gotten to know many of you.  You are not just names on a screen, you were real people.  I thank you.


Yours always,




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