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Why I don’t feel sympathy for Corky’s fall.

In the next few weeks I predict Corky will be facing charges on forgery and other charges relating to a real estate scheme he was involved with along with PeaceInChristAlone.  For those not familiar with the story let me say this.  PeaceInChristAlone really set Corky up to be the fall guy, if he does face criminal charges it won’t be as severe as what Corky faces.  That is a travesty in my opinion.  As the one who came up with the scheme in the first place, he should be given the harsher sentence.  Here is an old video from PeaceInChristAlone and his “internet marketing days”

PeaceInChristAlone now tries to pose as this good Christian person who just wants to win souls for Jesus, when in reality I think he is a very shady person and I deeply regret doing a colab with him and exposing him to my audience.  In his current business he finds people like Corky to be a straw buyer for him, I will explain this scheme in detail as I understand it but first let’s go back through history.

In October 2012 Corky posts his animal abuse video.  In this he features a starving dog.  Currently no video exists on YouTube but I have a copy on one of my external hard drives, I just have to hunt for it.  Anyway what happened was he then asked for $1,000 in donations to feed the dog.  Rather than contact animal control to have the dog rescued, he only saw the chance to make a buck off of animal suffering.  He posted the address of his mailbox and two weeks later he and PeaceInChristAlone went down to the mailbox to film all the money they would get.  Instead someone put Corky on the NAMBLA mailing list and his mailbox was full of junk.  In the same video Corky commented on how he was behind on his mailbox rent and did not have the $60 to pay for it.  At this time Corky was living in a broken down RV with no running water, which was an upgrade from the van AKA Corkymobile.  He had been living in vehicles for two years since being evicted from his home in Northern California for non-payment of rent.  This is a key fact.  Two years living in vehicles with no running water.

Another important fact to remember is that Corky had never before lived in the Los Angeles area.  We will get to why that is a key fact in a moment.  Cut to Black Friday Sale 2012 at Best Buy.  Corky films himself going on a shopping spree.  A bunch of new electronics.  Shortly thereafter he purchases a brand new Corvette.  He bought the Ford Mustang (worth at least $25,000) while he was still homeless.  A normal person would secure shelter first, but not Corky.   In fact it was at least a month before he found housing, there is no record of him even spending money on a hotel.  Seriously, apparently he had a brand new corvette parked right next to the broken down RV he was living at.

So now it is obvious that Corky came into some money.  At first I was happy for him.  The reining theory was he got the money from an inheritance.  It wasn’t until people such as Tom Davis did some digging that his real estate scheme was discovered.  Now I had been somewhat critical of Tom Davis for doing things such as filming outside of Corky’s house, in my opinion that was crossing the line, however had it not been for his legwork in tracking down PeaceInChristAlone and Corky’s victims the two of them might have gotten away with their crime.

Over the years Corky has made video after video after video about how much he hates work.  Some copies still exist.  Here is one of them.  At this time he was living on the couch at my place rent free.  His claim that he can’t afford to travel if he is working 8 hours a day is laughable.  How did he expect to travel if he doesn’t work.  Money doesn’t just fall from the sky, well for him it sort of did but we will cover that later.

In this video shot from the van AKA Corkymobile he pokes fun at “lazy mexicans” as he waits for them to cook his food.  Special note, this video was paid for by tax payers like you.

Corky thanks the tax payers

So here is how they did it.  Once again credit goes to Tom Davis for discovering this.  They find abandoned houses and forge documents to acquire these homes.  Only Corky’s name goes on any of the legal fake documents.  Then after a few minor upgrades such as cleaning the yard, ect they have the home appraised and then sold to someone else who has no idea they are buying a stolen house.

Elanor Murphy

Elanor Murphy died on March 6, 2010.  In 2010 Corky was still living in Phoenix staying at the FreedomsPhoenix building and going through his court case for his bike.  However in 2004 Elanor Murphy of Los Angles signed papers in front of a Notary Public granting Corky joint tenancy of her house.  Joint Tenancy is used to transfer property from one person who may be dying to another survivor.  It is a way of gifting a house to someone.  If you wish to see the document in high res you can view it here.  http://postimg.org/image/izs3qxu6h/

Elanor Murphy did not wish for her house to go to any children, or sibling, or any other member of her family.  Rather Elanor Murphy wanted her house to be used by someone who refuses to get a job and brags about hating work online.

Then despite being the sole owner of the house, as the other owner Elanor Murphy had passed away, Corky lived in vehicles without access to running water.  Instead of leaving for Los Angles where he has a home to live in, he moved to Humboldt County after being promised a job that didn’t exist by Charles Douglas of the Humbolt Sentinel.  Prior to getting the Corkymobile he camped in the woods in the dead of winter of Northern California.  In fact he didn’t even move down to Los Angles until the summer of 2011 and STILL did not live in the house he owned but rather still lived in his vehicles.  The paperwork that will filled out in 2004 was never filed until late in 2012.  Shortly thereafter Corky provided the birth certificate thus taking Elanor Murphy’s name off the deed.

That is the story, if we are to believe Corky and PeaceInChristAlone are innocent.  Tom Davis actually spoke to the Notary and was informed that the documents are fake.  Corky and PeaceInChristAlone stole Elanor Murphy’s house.  So who is the victim?  The house clearly was abandoned it was not being used.  There are several victims.  First there are the rightful heirs to the Murphy estate.  Perhaps they did not have the time or the means to repair the house and sell it.  Perhaps it was on their bucket list.  Eventually the county would have taken possession of the house after it fell into enough disrepair.  So the tax payers are also screwed.  However the biggest victims are the people that Corky and PeaceInChristAlone sold the house to.  As they purchased a stolen house they may not be able to keep it.  I am not sure what the law is but more than likely they will still be on the hook for the loan.

Here is a link that will take you to the paperwork filed by Corky granting himself sole ownership of Elanor Murphy’s house.  You will need to click on page 2 and 3 to view them.  http://losangeles.netronline.com/la-index.php?path=20129\26\20121451357.tif

Julio Gonzalez Jr

Julio died on March 25, 2006.  Prior to his death he along with his wife Mary sign papers in front of a Notary Public that transfers the property from Julio and his wife to Julio and Corky.  Here it is  http://s28.postimg.org/8bocs3k7g/julio_grant_deed.jpg  So Mary no longer owns her own home.  Julio Gonzales Jr did not want his own wife to inherit the house upon his death, clearly he wanted it to go to someone he never met, if we are to believe Corky and PICA are innocent.

After Julio’s death the house is abandoned.  Perhaps Mary could not deal with the painful memories an empty house would bring.  Perhaps she was advanced in years and moved into a nursing home, perhaps she went to live with her children as custom for hispanic families.  All she knew was that she owned a home in Los Angles, until 2012 when Corky filed forged papers and a death certificate stealing the house from her.  Here is the papers filed by Corky that stole Mary’s house that she and her deceased husband owned.  http://losangeles.netronline.com/la-index.php?path=2012\10\10\20121526584.tif

As in the case with the Murphy Estate the house is sold to someone else for a profit.  These people took out a loan and may not even be able to keep the house they own as it was stolen goods.

Corky wastes his money

Instead of investing his ill gotten gains wisely such as buying a plot of land for a few thousand dollars and putting a mobile home on it and ensure you won’t be homeless ever again.  Instead of investing in job training for a career, instead of putting his money in a CD or something else that would generate interest he wastes it away on a new car, which he later had to sell when the money ran out.  He spent the money attending Tony Robbins seminars at a few thousand dollars each.  He spent more money on acting classes.  He blew through $100,000 in less than a year.

Corky is the only person I have ever seen that made plans months in advance intending to be homeless.  Instead of realizing that the party was over, and that money is running out and time to look for a job, this guy made plans to transition back into the homeless lifestyle he was living before.  The first thing he needed was a new RV, as the old one he claims to have traded for a bike.  Naturally, Corky purchases something bigger than he can handle.  He does not have a good track record when it comes to driving.

The Van aka Corkymobile had several dents in it that were not there when he first got it.  He then purchased a used Taxi intending to operate as a cab driver until he discovered the car he purchased was too old to legally operate in the LA area.  That car was totaled and he wore a neck brace for several weeks after the accident.  So now he owns a huge full size motorhome that many people predict won’t last longer than 6 months.

Medical Fraud

PeaceinChristAlone decided to garner views and amuse himself by filming Corky in pain after a mountain hiking accident.  The video has since been removed but copies exist.  Here is the important question.  How do you earn $100,000 and still qualify for Medical? (California Medicaid program which provides medical coverage to the POOR)  It is simple if you don’t report the income.  Really what would you list as your occupation, grave robber, swindler of widows?

So now you can understand why so many people were outraged.  Here was a person who is NOT disabled yet scammed his way into getting a disability check every month, lives off of tax payers assistance, yet posted videos calling taxes theft and openly mocking the people who do work and pay taxes.  There was even a video on my channel called He Just Doesn’t Get it where he announces that he is above any job that pays less than 10 dollars per hour, fully aware that he was living rent free in my home as I supported his lazy butt on on just $9 per hour.

Yet when I discovered that Corky had come into some money I was truly happy for him.  However thanks to the work of Tom Davis it has now come out how that money was the result of a crime.  Yes these two committed a crime and what is sad is that PeaceInChristAlone made sure that only Corky’s name was on the papers, Corky will be the fall guy.  However, fall guy or not, only an idiot would believe that forgery was legal.  He HAD to have known what he was doing was wrong.  For that I feel no sympathy.  However, if there is a God as PeaceInChristAlone claims there is, then PeaceInChristAlone will also do hard time for his role in this real estate scheme.

Note it is possible that this blog post may contain a few small errors but that is due to the fact that I am trying to explain a complex real estate scheme.  Any differences to what I have posted here and what is claimed by Tom Davis I would ask that you defer to Tom Davis as he has spent much of his time researching this.


3 Responses

  1. Corky really got himself into a pickle this time didn’t he?

  2. No, I have no sympathy for Nick. He always seemed to think the world owed him something and I guess, since it wasn’t handed to him on a silver platter, he felt he could just take what he felt he deserved. I think that Nick felt this was a victimless crime and it just wouldn’t matter to anyone. I don’t know why though…..I just never thought Nick would stoop quite THIS low. Somehow, I thought there was at least a shred of decency inside him somewhere.
    I finally see thru Tim. His arrogant attitude finally outshines his goody-two-shoes act. I believe Tim tolerated Nick all this time because he knew Nick would be of use to him at some point. I don’t think Tim ever thought that Nick’s addiction to YouTube and Nick’s unfulfilled burning need for approval from the interwebz would be their final undoing… so much of what happened is easy to follow from the videos they both posted.
    I do hope that Nick isn’t the only one that receives some sort of punishment. I hope that Nick is able to prove that all of this was Tim’s “brilliant idea”.

  3. Can corky still come to live with you now he is a fugitive? Please say yes it would be like saving ann frank from the nazis. Only corky is the nazi and you would be saving him form justice, hygiene, work, and antipsychotic medication.

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