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Why I have changed my mind about helping Corky

About a month ago, I was on a Google Hangout hosted by TheBrainEnema.  She thought it was a good idea to invite Corky into the room.  The purpose of this blog starts at the 3 hour mark of the video.



Corky has been going through a rough patch.  He has blown through $100,000 in about a year and is now back to where he was.  Living in a motor home.  Gone is his new corvette, his rented house, pretty much everything else went to yard sales.  He is either moved out completely or is in the process of doing so.


About two months ago, someone posted a couple of videos driving by Corky’s house.  I can certainly sympathise.  I remember when my address got leaked out to the internet and a video of my place showed up.  I quickly got it taken down.  I guess out of pity, I told Corky I would try and see if I could get the videos removed.  The very next day I realized what a foolish mistake this was.  However now is the first time I can put my words to text and explain why I should not help Corky.


First, let’s not forget who was responsible for the entire internet having my home address.  While I can not prove that it was Corky who found it first (I honestly don’t think he is smart enough to know how) he WAS responsible for giving out my address to every person he could find.  I had several people inform me that they got messages from him.  So basically, Corky made his bed, he should sleep in it.


The second reason that it is wrong to help Corky is because of Corky’s track record for biting the hand that feeds him.  Anyone remember when he posted a video asking for a notebook so he could continue and I bought him a brand new laptop with a two year warranty.  Only to have two months later see him accuse me of putting keyloggers on the computer to hack into his facebook.  Anyone remember when he was facing eviction in 2011 and I offered him a home, then he posted several videos attacking me and how long I had to defend myself against those.


He has accused me of being a terrorist, a pedophile, a murderer and anything else he thinks people will believe.  He actually has people convinced that I posted videos attacking him on my channel.  Seriously, people blindly think this.  Not many but there are some.  Of course the truth is out there for anyone to see, all I have is videos rebutting his crazy and baseless accusations against me with hard factual evidence.  


While I lament the fact that Corky has someone posting videos of his house, the fact remains that if videos still existed of my place, Corky would see to it that they were shared across the internet.  One thing that history has taught me is that it is dangerous to help Corky.  


Now to the person doing this.  It is an ethical taboo to post someone’s personal information on the internet.  That is all I will say on the matter.  


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