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We got him, but not quite

Update his new channel is http://www.youtube.com/pookah666

Greetings, I am the HappyCabbie

We got him.  On June 8, 2009 alleged YouTube pedophile Wally0666 was suspended from YouTube.  A major credit for this goes to ooolong9 whose video was mirrored around until enough of us saw it and reported this person to YouTube.  A message I received back from YouTube was, thanks we have forwarded this to our abuse team.

So Wallo777 has been suspended.  What do we do now?  First and foremost, some housecleaning is in order, follwed by some education.  First a big thanks to Pervbegone, ProjectPaladin, dprjones, and countless others.  A special shout out goes to Breahawk who by far made the most useful and informative video on this subject.  Many of you put your own channels at risk for exposing this monster.  Sadly YouTube has a reputation for suspending the wrong person when evil needs to be exposed.

In order to convince everyone that there was a problem, you had to show us what he did.  This included reposting clips of the videos made by these very young girls.  For thos who still do not know, Wallyo777 contacted dozens of underage girls.  He requested that they show their feet.  Some where asked to stomp on toys barefoot.  Some others were asked to wiggle their toes, while some wrote on their feet.  Some even were asked to do even more bizzare things.

The children were innocent and there was NO fetish or sexual themes in their videos.  However, they were received as fetish videos by Wallyo777.  The children did not understand the true nature of these videos, they probably still do not.

Thankfully many of the girls, some as young as 7 years old have deleted these videos.  Some are still up but that is because the kids have not logged back in yet.  Wallyo777 has been exposed and suspended.  No doubt the police are working with YouTube to get his ISP.  Wallo777 if you are watching this, I hope you will be broom sticked in prision you fucking piece of shit.  The law is comming for you and I hope for your own safety they find you before us YouTubers do.

Back on Topic.  You all did a great thing in bringing down this user.  However, I would respectively request that you either delete or at least set to private any videos you made that contain the images of these young girls.  These girls are the most innocent of victims here.  It is now time for them to rebuild, regroup, and recover.  They need to be with their familes and counselors.  The last thing they need is this memory forever preserved on YouTube.  Again you HAD to post the videos on YouTube to expose this monster.  He is suspended and the law will find him.

Now on to education.  Pedophiles rarely walk onto a playground and grab children and start raping them.  Rather, most victims of molestation know and trusted their predator.  This is why YouTube has such a strict policy of no kids under 13 years old.  If you are under 13 and YouTube catches you, they will suspend your account.  If you are under 18, YouTube requires that you have your parental consent.  If you are a child, or even a teenager watching this, please understand that I am not trying to be mean.  Howver, you are NOT qualifed to determine who is and who is not to be trusted on the internet.  You lack the experience that can only come with age.

If you are a parent, demand that your child provide you with all emails and passwords to the websites they visit.  They can have a computer in their room but the only access to internet they should have is at a family computer in the living room.  That way you can moniter them while they are online.  If your child refuses, cancel the internet.  Moniter your kids online.

This is why I do not subscribe to children on YouTube.  I limit my email correspondance unless I really know the age of the person I am talking to.  Children do NOT contact any adult on the internet.  It is just not safe.

I suggest you look at Wikipedia’s article on Child Grooming http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Child_grooming Fun fact the author of the US child grooming law was Senator Mark Foley who was forced to resign due to sexual emails he sent to underage interns.

In closing, there are some of you who think, we are over-reacting or trying to be a thought police.  Some do not see the harm as these videos the kids made were not intended to be used for masterbation.  (At least in the kids mind)  The problem is there were dozens of videos made for this guy.  All were by young girls all featuring their bare feet.  These were made at the request of someone with a foot fetish.  I recognize this because I myself am attracted to womens feet.  I just prefer my ladies to be old enough to vote.

Search for pookah666 videos now if you think I am making this shit up http://www.youtube.com/results?search_type=&search_query=pookah666&aq=f


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