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Strong Advice to DarylHorner and others who get flagged

I saw DarylHorner’s video titled “I’m Baaaaaaack” and I am very happy for him.  However, there was something he said in his video.  At 1:55 into the video DarylHorner stated that from now on no video of his will ever be posted to YouTube without first being approved for ads.  For those who do not know, YouTube Partners much submit each video individually for revenue sharring.  For videos that YouTube feels, at it’s own discretion, violate community standards they will not approve them for ads and they will disable the video.  Long time viewers may remember I had trouble learning this when I first became partner

Since that time I have learned that to get a video approved the title must be bland, and nothing to graphic in the video description.  Even my video (now deleted) of me doing a balloon penis was approved using this technique.  The video is still available on DropVids if anyone wants to see it.

However my word of caution to DarylHorner and to any other Partner on YouTube is do not assume that having YouTube approve your video for ads is a blanket protection against flagging.  Many partners have had videos removed or age restricted after they were approved for ads.

Even videos done a long time ago can get you into trouble

What is amazing is TJ claims to have no idea why a video titled “Fuck Buddism” would be considered offensive.

So my advice to anyone who wants to stay on YouTube and not have their channel suspended is to be careful.  Anything can get you flagged these days.  Now while I admit, there is a double standard.  Some people are allowed to use boob thumbnails and get away with it.  Others can use profanity while others cannot.  However this much is clear.

1.  Watch the language

2.  Watch the sexual content

3. Find another place to discuss religion, YouTube does not want it here.

4.  Do not use misleading titles, tags, or video descriptions.

5.  Do not make a video attacking someone else, even if they attack you.

I know we can all cite countless of examples of those who get away with the afore mentioned behavior.  We can cite examples of how YouTube will even put these people on the front page time and time again.  It is called a double standard, we may not like it, but we must play by the rules of the court if we wish to remain here and not find ourselves suspended.


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