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Is Flagging Wrong?

There has been alot of talk on YouTube recently about flagged videos and each time it happens the person who got flagged makes a video about it usually followed up by videos by their fans who blame youtube for flagging a video.  Such recent examples are IshatOnU, ShaneDawsonTV, ClipCritics, and probably even many more.  I myself question the logic of a website that allows Playboy, Maxim, and other channels based exclusively on sex.  I mean Playboy is a porno rag isn’t it?

So why does YouTube allow these videos if they do not want sexually suggestive videos on YouTube?  Surely YouTube knew who Playboy and Maxim where when they signed the contract with them.

So why then is a different standard held for Clip Critics who featured Maxim Model, Paola Corvea in their video.  http://www.vimeo.com/4634806


Now I agree, and I am sorry to say this ClipCritics, but your video did cross the line.  However why is Maxim and Playboy even allowed to have a channel here.  My problem is not with the rules and boundries but with the double standard the rules are applied with.

The next question goes out about cursing.  Now the following two videos were flagged for cursing.    The first one done by good friend IshatOnU actually was able to appeal and have his video unflagged.  It is not an easy process but it can be done.

The second one, sadly was taken down and the only copy I can find is a remix parody.  The context of the video was Renetto talking about why the blackout would not work and a better way of dealing with YouTube censorship was to have a curse out.  The video was flagged and removed.

However the original file can be found here on Vloggerheadshttp://www.vloggerheads.com/video/2225835:Video:511436 

However, YouTube clearly is not against cursing.  If you live in the United States then you know one of the most featured users is TheAmazingAtheist.  (Featured Videos used to be called Promoted Videos.  The old Featured Videos are now called Spotlight Videos.  Who gives a sweet muffins.)  YouTube places him on the front page all the time.  So even though they said in their blog post “A YouTube for All of Us,” that they did not want cursing anymore. clearly they still allow it to show up on the most viewed and most discussed lists.  However, in the cases stated above, the only possible reason for them to be flagged is the cursing.  Clearly someone who is viewed often as TheAmazingAtheist has been flagged a few times.  Again, I have no problem with cursing, I just wish there was not a double standard.  However, the best way to avoid getting flagged for cursing is to not curse.

Now comes the shocking and disgusting content.  These videos were flagged and some have been removed but are now restored.  First up is ShaneDawsonTV who was flagged for having a girl pretend to vomit on his face.  Now the vomit looks like cottage cheese but still when YouTube reviewed the video they took it down.  He was able to appeal the decision and have the video restored.  Do you agree or disagree.

Ok now what about this video.  So far this has not been age restricted or removed but it seems highly unlikely that nobody has flagged this video.  In this video CharlesTrippy pretends to fart in someone’s drink and accidently poops instead.  His friend brings the cup into his mouth before he is aware of the poop.  Now I am not trying to hate on either ShaneDawson or CharlesTrippy but if a smaller channel had someone drink poop, or vomit on someone’s face but I know that if a smaller channel did that they would be suspended permanantly.  

Now the GradualReport, who I am also subscribed to was recently given a 2 week suspension for violating community guidelines.  I actually have a lot of respect for him.  Instead of posting a video saying he was flagged for no reason or that YouTube was wrong to suspend him, he fully admits to what he did.  Here is his video.

Now there are several examples of videos that were flagged and are now age restricted such as this vile example of a video featuring a tribute to Jim Henson.  Can anyone for the love of sweet muffins explain to me what in this video is innapropriate for children?

Then there is this video that is still up no matter how many times I flag it.  Then there are countless examples of videos that were taken down and nobody knows why.  However for the majority, there is a reason why a video was age restricted or removed.  There is always a reason, it is just not always clear to us what that reason is.  This is a copy of an email forwarded to me by someone who had a video removed by YouTube and as a result was suspended.


Now what is so sad is that in this form email they send you when you ask them why you were suspended they tell you, they cannot explain what rule you broke.  All they do is say you broke the rules, you may never come back, but if you want to find out for yourself what you did wrong they provide you a link to their community guidelines which is at their website they just banned you from.  Now I am very pro-YouTube in my views and I take a lot of heat for this, however this is one thing I wish they would change.  They need to explain to you what rule you broke so that others may learn from your mistakes so that they too may not be banned.  Furthermore, with the exception of sexual predators and those that stir up drama, I see no point in a permanant life time ban.  Especially when they are unwilling to justify the lifetime suspension.  

However these are the rules of the website and if we want to continue to use it, we need to play by their rules.  So I ask you, if you are reading this to please watch the language, not post disgusting content, or other controversial videos on YouTube.  I don’t want to see any more of my friends being banned.

For my more raunchy videos that are too hot for YouTube they will be onhttp://www.dropvids.com/users/happycabbie 


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