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Seeking Meaningful Employment as an Ebegger

Now VenomfangX lost his last job for using company owned  DVD burners to make copies of Kent Hovind DVDs and passing them out to customers of the video store that he worked at.  He says he feels this is religious persecution.  Sadly he has no idea what true religious persecution is.  In some countries you are killed for speaking out about Christianity.  In the Western world we have it pretty good.

His idea is to go into the ministry full time as an evangelist both here on YouTube and on his website and have his subscribers send in $1.00 per month to support him.  All he is asking for is $500 per month and any surplus money would be given to charities such as sick kids hospitals.  In my opinion it is shameful to exploit sick children to guilt people into donating to your cause as their are many childrens hospitals such as the Shriners or the Phoenix Children’s hosptial where I live that goes out of their way to make the lives of children better as they treat them.

However because VenomfangX is famous for deleting his videos if that video one day no longer plays here are some copies.

So what is wrong with supporting someone who wants to go into the ministry full time.    After all there are many who make a living from spreading the gospel.  Now I am not referring to the scam artist like faith healers, but rather actual pastors, priests, or what ever the spiritual leader of your house of worship is called.  These people work long hours more than just an hour on Sunday.  These people are on call 24/7 as they must be available for grief counseling when ever someone passes away or is going through a divorce.  They must be financial leaders as they are ultimately accountable for how the money is spent even though most church finances are governed by a board of trustees.  

As a former active participant in Christianity let me say that not only have I labored hard to spread the message of Christ but also I have spent long hours volunteering at church activities caring for its disadvantaged members.  (Note:  I do not wish to discuss why I left church.  So please do not ask.)  I have volunteered at church run meal kitchens, clothing pantries, bus ministry, and I have spent countless hours evangelizing door to door.  I have passed out church literature, and have purchased cd’s and even VHS tapes to give away.

So what is the difference between a pastor, or a missionary that works for a church and what VenomfangX is asking his supporters to do.  The primary difference is a pastor or missionary is accountable to a board of decons or some other governmental body within the church.  A pastor who falls into sin, or for whatever reason fails to live up to his or her responsibilites for the cause of Christ can be removed and replaced by the board of decons.  In most churches the pastor held accountable for his behavior and the results he or she produces.

Furthermore at least in the United States (Yes I know he lives in Canada) one of the requirements of 501c3 organizations such as churches is their finances must be accounted for.  There must be a budget.  Many churches produce an annual report publically disclosing their income and expenses.  At the very least this annual report is made available to the board of trustees.  This is to prevent wasteful spending by the trustees of that organization.  If VenomfangX wishes to become a full time missionary I suggest he attend seminary and find employment through a church to which he can be held accountable.  

Here is an interesting video response from an actual preacher.

In my own defense I did ebegging myself.  At the time however I was living in my car while I was working full time as a failing balloon artist.  I put in 40 hours a week in that job.  So I was homeless but I was working.  When the car was towed all my possesions were gone and all I had was my computer bag and the clothes I had on.  Furthermore I was in the hospital 60 miles away from where I worked and had no way to get to work even if I could.  I am not proud of my ebegging but I have been slowly paying people back every two weeks when I get a paycheck.  

Anyway here is a blooper reel of my video


2 Responses

  1. Hey, Happy Cabbie,

    I’m 53 and own my own small business and I remember how SMP Films Cory asked everyone to pitch in and help you. I think that was a wonderful thing to do and not just an empty gesture. I can only hope that I will never need that type of support… but I’m not as popular as you are even in my own town. My friends would help me BUT strangers, I doubt it. You sir are blessed and I think (I don’t know you all that well just through our back and forth comments) you realize that. I aspire to be like you Happy Cabbie, not you per se but as the man everyone WANTED to help. You are a good person.

    Now, I’m going to go and fart somewhere.

    Mike D.

  2. Happy Cabbie,

    Two things.

    One, yes, you asked for help. It was an honest request, made when you were at the end of your rope. I only wish I had seen it sooner (I’m still getting acquainted with YouTube.) I would have loved to help you out. You had a real need, and there is no shame in that.

    That is clearly not the case with VenomFangX, so please don’t make that comparison. He is clearly not homeless, not starving, not sick…in fact, he looks pretty darned prosperous to me. If he picked up that Bible and really READ it, he might learn that Jesus sometimes demanded sacrifice, and that may, for him, mean working a job and preaching on his OWN time.

    Second thing, possibly related to the first. I hope that this guy either grows up, or finds himself another calling, because he is not, as he behaves right now, a very good argument for Christianity. I don’t know why you left the church, and I will respect your wishes and not ask, but I will say this: I have seen some of your videos (found them watching Mr. Safety, and your vid about Sparta’s illness), and it seems to me that you live out the love and compassion Jesus asks of us a lot better than this evangelist wanna-be could ever imagine. It makes me wonder how many people end up being driven away from Christ by the poor example of some Christians…

    I was deeply touched by your story on YouTube, and am glad things are better for you now. I hope it’s not offensive to tell you that you will be in my prayers.

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